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Lost Ranks and Permissions

imafish5 aOwner posted Apr 15, 14
For some reason, Every rank that has been given to a player has been wiped. Log onto the server, notify a staff, who will notify an Admin or Owner, and your rank will be re-given. Thank you for your cooperation!
OwenFootballz Player Yh I lost my rank I was the 2nd highest rank

Iced PvP Tournament + 1.7.7 Error!

imafish5 aOwner posted Apr 10, 14
On Saturday, April 12th, Starting at 1PM, IcedPvP will have its first PvP Tournament. All armor will be supplied, and rewards will be given to the victors.


1st Place:

$20 Buycraft Credit


Although we are updating the server to 1.7.7 tomorrow, if you want to play now or we don't update by tomorrow these steps will tell you how to fix your Minecraft to play with us.

To Set Your Minecraft to 1.7.5:

Step 1) Open the New Minecraft Launcher

Step 2) Make a New Profile or Edit an Existing One

Step 3) Down on the "Use Version" Box, Click the Arrow and Find "Release 1.7.5"

Step 4) Save Profile, and Launch Minecraft

To Set Your Minecraft to 1.7.7

Step 1) Repeat steps above

Step 2) Instead of "Release 1.7.5" find "Release 1.7.7"

Step 3) Save Profile, and Launch Minecraft

froghunter00 Member Sounds like fun, only I hope it doesn't lag too much...
Akumar145 Player Thanks for the directions the direction they were straight forward and good for guiding me.
SnakeTheLooter PlayerMember I can't connect to server. It says "can't connect to server"

Iced is Back!

imafish5 aOwner posted Apr 5, 14
Iced is Back, and Public
Xaint177 Member Hi, its because you have automaticly updated the minecraft to 1.7.6 and the server runs 1.7.5 To see how you jump back t ...
Akumar145 Player It says that when ever I try to get on.
Akumar145 Player I cant get in iced as of now. My computer says "Outdated server! I'm still on {0}".

Adding more, "Life" to donations

imafish5 aOwner posted Mar 20, 14
Here is a quick update on donations, and donation plans:


  • Added a "kit miner"
  • Added a "kit xp"
  • The EXP Bottles from Iced v1 have been reverted back into Iced v2


  • Make elite, truly, elite
  • Add more Obsidian
  • Make it REALLY worth $100

Regarding My Ownership

imafish5 aOwner posted Mar 17, 14
I understand that I've not been the best Owner, I've made mistakes, hated and liked some players, more than others, and I'm sorry. I'm trying my best to NOT do this, I really really am, and I can promise I will not do it again, and to make sure I wont.

I'm giving myself one more chance, a clean start, and if I cant turn it around, stop abusing, and showing favoritism to my friends from Old Iced, I will be gone. I'm sorry that I did it in the first place, but I feel coming out and admitting to it is the best way to overcome doing it. I would find myself as a hot headed person, and I get upset very easily. Having Iced be, a collection of my friends and new players, when I see a friend in a fight, I want to jump in and help, that's just the person I am. But I cant do that, I can either be a good friend, or a good owner, and I have chosen to be the best possible owner that I can be. So from this point on, no more abuse, no more favoritism, no more abuse. But, you, the players can make it easier for me.

Please, keep all trash talk in a Message or a Skype Chat, it is hard for me not to get involved.

I really hope that I can become the owner of Iced, and not abuse for friends. I hope I can stay the owner of Iced without all players hating me, or talking about me behind my back, but, most of all, I really hope that everyone I've been rude too, you will accept my apology, and we can get over a silly fight, over nothing that really matters.
hunterman27 VIP++ No problem fish we understand man.
xXGodsFireXx x I have also made it my resolution to try and get along better with other players on the server, as I do on most other se ...
koolaces VIP++ Preach it Fish, Amen.
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